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Programme consisting of two postgraduate degrees: Forensic Handwriting Analysis, Graphistics, Document Examination and Forensic Sociolinguistics and Psychological Analysis of Handwriting, Graphoanalysis, Graphopathology and Graphic Projective Tests. Once the two postgraduate degrees have been completed (the degrees are not sequential and may be taken in any order), the Master's student must submit a thesis.





Professor Francisco Viñals Carrera is member of the World Jurist Association and has been decorated by the Ministry of Defence.  In 1993, he set up the specialisation in Forensic Handwriting Analysis at the Instituto de Criminología y Cátedra de Derecho Penal at the Universidad Complutense, local section at Cordoba. This programme of studies was brought to the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in 1996, to the Escuela de Práctica Jurídica (School of Legal Practice) within the Escuela de Doctorado y Formación Continuada (School of Doctorate Studies and Continuing Education), now called the Graduate School. He is member of the International Police Association and professor at the Escola de Policia de Catalunya (Catalan Police School) and at the EPSI-UAB. He has collaborated on various alternative draft bills and works as a consultant for high international authorities in the capacity of institutional commissioner for training in criminalistics and graphological sciences. In 2003, he was chosen for “Personatges de Catalunya” (Important Catalans), and included in volume XIII of the Història Contemporània de Catalunya due to the contributions his work has made to society.


Professor María Luz Puente Balsells is an anthropologist, criminalist and scientific investigator. She specialised in forensic research at the Escuela de Medicina Legal (School of Forensic Medicine) of the Universidad Complutense, in psychological analysis of handwriting at the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, and in intelligence services at the Universitat de Barcelona (UB). She is coordinating professor of the studies programmes in Forensic Handwriting Analysis and in Criminalistics, Information Analysis and Advanced Forensic-Science Techniques at the Graduate School of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). She is professor of scientific techniques applied to criminal investigation at the Escola de Prevenció i de Seguretat Integral (School of Prevention and Integral Security) at the UAB. She is also a member of the managing board of the Instituto de Ciencias del Grafismo, director of the Seminario de Inteligencia Civil y Militar (Seminar on Civil and Military Intelligence – ADPCI) and vice-president of the Spanish Association of Consultant Graphologists. Previously she worked as a writer for various media, taught information studies, and also worked as a professor attached to the Col·legi Oficial de Doctores y Llicenciats en Filosofia, Lletres i Ciències de Catalunya (Catalan Association of Doctors and Undergraduates in Philosophy, Arts and Sciences).


Together they have co-authored:

- Patología y biología forense. Tratado de Medicina legal y Ciencias Forenses, (Cap.171 y 172 sobre Grafología Criminal, Pericia Caligráfica y Documentoscopia) (Pathology and Forensic Biology. Treated of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, (Cap.171 and 172 on Criminal Graphology and Document examination) Barcelona, Bosch, 2011
- Grafología y Ciencia (Graphology and Science),  Barcelona, UOC, 2010
- Grafología Criminal  (Criminal Graphology), Barcelona, Herder, 1999

-Diccionario Jurídico-Pericial del Documento Escrito (Legal Dictionary - Expertise in Written Documents), Barcelona, Ed. Herder, 2006

-Análisis de Escritos y Documentos en los Servicios Secretos (The Analysis of Writings and Documents in the Secret Services), Barcelona, Ed. Herder, 2003

-Pericia Caligráfica Judicial. Práctica, casos y modelos (Forensic Handwriting Analysis: Practice, Examples and Models), Barcelona, Ed. Herder, 2001

-Psicodiagnóstico por la Escritura. Grafoanálisis Transaccional (Psychodiagnostic Assessment via Handwriting: Transactional Graphoanalysis), Barcelona, Ed. Herder, 1999


Professor Josep Llobet Aguado is a jurist, judge pro tempore at the Audiencia Provincial (provincial criminal court) of Barcelona, and professor of Civil Law working at the Department of Private Law at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He directs doctorate courses at the university and has represented the UAB in training judges in other countries

Co-author of:

-El deber de información de los contratos, Madrid, Editorial Marcial Pons, 1996

-Comentarios a la ley sobre condiciones generales de contratación, Madrid, Editorial Tecnos, 1999

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